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    Bottom up filling

    The semi automatic bottom-filled type packing scale can complete material degassing, lifting-down bag bottom filling measurement, sealing, conveying work.Because it is designed for easy dust ultrafine powder and high precision of the packaging requirements,especially suits for high precision packaging of pharmaceutical materials,additives,cobalt oxide,toner,fire extinguisher dry powder etc. ultra-fine powder.


    1.Vertical spiral feeding and reverse stirring combined to make the material more uniform and stable. Together with cone bottom type feed valve to ensure the controllability of the material in the feeding process.

    2.Silos can be opened and the quick-release screw assembly, so that the cleaning contact part of the whole equipment and materials become simple, fast, free of dead corner.

    3.Lifting-down the bottom filling measurement, and then with the vacuum degassing screw filling to ensure that no dust overflow and at the same time  get high precision.

    4.Touch screen man-machine interface: the operation is convenient and intuitive, and the packing specifications can be adjusted at any time, and the working condition can be changed at any time.


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