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Flow Scale

The automatic flow scale can automatically complete the measurement of grains online processing and the measurement of the material in and out. Especially suitable for online high speed and high precision measurement of wheat, corn, soybean, rice, and other granular materials.


1.Using a simple cylindrical barrel as the measuring bucket and arm beam type sensor, in order to achieve the measurement accuracy and reduce the remaining material piling up.

2.The internal structure design of the equipment has the ability of air pressure balance, which greatly reduces the influence of the negative pressure and over pressure on the measurement accuracy.

3.The streamline design of the whole machine greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning, and makes the hygiene dead angle minimum.

4.Real-time display of single weighing,instantaneous flow,cumulative weighing and the cumulative number;  with RS-232 and RS485 communication interface can be connected with the computer network,realising computer centralized management  and control.


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