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      Belt conveyor

      1.Belt conveyor is function complete conveying system, both straight and level conveying, and support inclined, turning, suitable for goods conveying of boxes, irregular shape, powder and granular objects, soft bagged object etc..In addition to ordinary PVC belts, as well as various special conveyor belt to choose: food special band, anti-static, anti-oil, water belt, smooth, rough surface pattern belt, rubber belt, steel belt, synchronous belt and so on.

      2.Chain conveyors with flat-topped chain, chain, chain plates, chain network as a delivery vehicle, with good practicality and economy.

      3.Roller conveyor can be divided into non-powered roller line and the power line roller.Non-powered roller line  by means of human or tilt friction achieves labor-saving and convenient conveying.Power line roller driven by a motor, transmission methods are belt drive, chain drive, Power line roller driven by a motor, transmission methods are belt drive, chain drive,synchronous belt drive, O type belt drive, etc., equipped with reducer, inverter, any speed can be adjusted, commonly used in various types of assemblage line product packaging and logistics systems.


      1) Conveyor belt is made of food-grade plastic injection molding polypropylene (PP) , the rest of the skeleton made of 304 stainless steel, safety and health; with feature of durable, anti-oxidation, wear, carrying capacity, etc;

      2) Conveyor design with a blade and flap on both sides, so that the material to enhance the play on both sides of side leakage blocking material time.

      3) Belt conveyor has conveying capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance, standardized components and so on.


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