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    Vertical Small Bag Packing Machine

    The automatic filling and packing machine can complete measuring, filling, bag making, sealing and conveying etc.. Suitable for packing those particles, powder materials, such as rice, peanuts, tea, chicken, corn, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, sugar, coffee, medicine, washing powder and other products.


    1.Full computer touch screen control, man-machine interface, operation is simple and convenient, the replacement of the product is simple, fault display system, convenient and quick maintenance.

    2.Pull the film by servo motor traction, the traction more easily and accurately control the bag length.

    3.The horizontal sealing adopts the servo motor to drive, so that the running without impact, low noise, opening stroke of voluntary control,and the sealing pressure can be adjusted freely,applied to various thickness and complex packing materials.

    4.Automatically bag making, sealing, date printing, another optional feature connected packages, Europe hook hole, hand hole, knuckle, nitrogen, cooling, long bags ect.

    5.With automatic alarm, such as clamping, door not closed, the roll film deviation, no film, no color,ect.

    6.Optional combination weigher, screw machine, four head weigher, cup metering equipment and related equipment etc.

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