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    Valve-mouth Scales

    This semi automatic packing scale can automatically complete filling, measuring, sewing, conveying work. Because it is designed and development for those packaging requirements on machine height, packaging bag form diversity and high precision, and is especially suitable for high precision packaging of pharmaceutical raw materials and food additives, milk powder, solid drink, glucose, solid pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other powder material.


    1.The whole machine(In addition to power driven elements) is made of stainless steel, especially for the GMP certification, food hygiene certification and the packaging requirements of corrosion resistance,such as chemical products  packaging.

    2.Due to the unique scale frame design, multi speed feeding and cutting control, to ensure that the packaging and weighing high precision and high speed packaging.

    3.Adopting the transverse feeding and integrated structure of dust removal and feeding, the equipment not only has a good dust removing effect, but also has the extremely low height of the equipment.

    4.According to the customer's packaging bag form, material characteristics providing the valve-mouth bag, open-mouth bag structure for choice, and customers can switch to use at any time.

    5.Touch screen man-machine interface: the operation is convenient and intuitive, and the packing specifications can be adjusted at any time, and the working condition can be changed at any time.

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