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    Gravity Feeding Type Filling Machine

    This semi-automatic packing scale can be supporting for measuring,filling, sealing and conveying if combined with belt conveyor and sewing/sealing machine. 

    Due to short body and flexible design on out feed filling,it is suitable for pharmaceuticals raw material,grains,animal feeds, coffee beans, plastic pellets, sugar, salt ,ect.


    1.In addition to power-driven machine element alia are made of stainless steel,especially for GMP certification requirements for anti-corrosion and chemical products such as weighing and packaging.

    2.Due to the unique design,according to the material properties of customers,there are many forms of alternative charging structure.Each feeder spout is equipped with a fast cut-off the charging door,to ensure the accuracy of the measurement packing scale.

    3.According to the customer's packaging bag form and material characteristics,there are many kinds of choice for bag-clamping structure providing.

    4.Touch screen man-machine interface: the operation is convenient and intuitive, and the packing specifications can be adjusted at any time, and the working condition can be changed at any time.


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