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10 position rotary packing

Application: candy, chocolate, biscuits, beans, peanuts, pistachios, crystal sugar, cakes, puffed food,ect., just need choose different metering filling device according to different materials.


--It can be used in many kinds of packaging bags, such as prefabricated multi-layer composite film bags, paper bags and so on.

--It can quickly change the bag specifications, the width of the automatic bag device can be adjusted quickly and easily through the handle.

--Materials or packaging bag contact parts made of stainless steel, in line with the hygiene standards of food processing machinery.

--Machine equip with standard detection device, filling device and heat sealing device does not work when there is no packaging materials or packaging bag not opening, avoid the waste of raw materials and packing bags.

--The machine uses a preformed bag, good sealing quality, reduce the defective rate.

--The machine adopts to variable frequency speed control device, in actual production can be adjusted according to your needs within a certain range.

--Adopts to advanced PLC and touch screen electrical control system, easy to operate.

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