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Robot is a kind of widely used, high degree of automation of intelligent equipment. Our company is mainly in the packaging and stacking, unstacking, material handling applications.


1.Simple structure,less parts.Therefore,parts of the fault rate is low,reliable performance,maintenance is simple,the required parts of the inventoryis less.

2.Covers an area of less.In favor of customers workshop production line layout and set aside large warehouse area.Palletizing robot be effectively used just installed in a narrow space.

3.Strong applicability.When the customer product size,volume,shape and pallet dimensions changes just need a slight modification on the touch screen,will not affect customer's normal production.While mechanical palletizer changes considerable trouble even unachievable.

4.Low energy consumption.Usually mechancial stacker power about 26KW,and palletizing robot power is about 5KW.Greatly reduced the client's costs.

5.All control can be in the control cabinet screen operation is very simple.


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