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    C type bucket elevator

    This type of elevator drives the materials through chain transmission, for vertical transport of granule and small blocky materials, high lifting capacity and speed. It matches up with electronic combination weigher and packing machine to achieve quantitative automatic packaging system, widely used in the food packaging industry.

    Positive Discharge Elevator - Elevator design where the buckets are used to elevate commodities such as popcorn, candy and potato chips where the utmost concern is on gentle handling and finished food grade applications. This style elevator bucket operates off a double strand chain where they are held in place by two pins so the bucket is allowed to freely swivel. To discharge the bucket it's mechanically tripped to flip and discharge but until this action the bucket is held parallel with the floor and upright. These elevators typically form an "Z", "C", "S" or "L" in design and run throughout a plant.


    1. Vertical lifting, 90 degree transportation saves covered area and reduces power cost.

    2. Use chute to carry the materials to avoid scattering, make automatic materials filling while follows up with packing machines and multi-steelyard.

    3. Convey volume: 400(liters /hour) 7200(liters/hour)

    4. Height:2m-6m.


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