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Multihead weigher

Applicable scope: candy, melon seeds, potato chips, nuts, roasted seeds and nuts, preserved fruit, jelly and other snack foods, peanuts, rice, small hardware parts, plastic parts, herbal medicine and other granular, sheet, strip, round and irregular shape material quantitative weighing and packaging.


a)choose the best weight combination from many groups through computer calculation, which is superior to the manual intelligent weighing.

b)the weighing hopper can be set discharge in turn, effectively prevent the material block.

c)the monitor backlight can be manually adjusted to protect the operator's vision.

d)can be equipped with a packaging machine, co-operate with each other to achieve automatic weighing.

e)real-time display of various amplitude, better monitoring machine working status.

f)can pre-store 99 groups of product parameters, to achieve a wide range of parameters program requirements.

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