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Hanging type bulk filler

The packing scale is used for the packaging of ton bags,it can automatically complete the measuring, lifting-down  filling, automatic bag removal,air-filling dust removal and other work.Due to the modular design providing a variety of feeders interchangeably usage,suitable for packaging granules materials which are easy to flow or powder materials which are poor liquidity, such as chemicals, feed, solid beverage, plastic particles, pharmaceutical raw materials, pesticides, additives, etc.


1.The whole machine(in addition to the power drive components) is made of stainless steel, especially suitable for the requirements of GMP certified products and the requirements of corrosion resistant chemical products packaging.

2.Due to the unique design, according to the customer's material properties, there are various forms of feeding structure selection.  material outlets of each feeder are equipped with fast cut-off gate, to ensure the measurement accuracy of packing scale.

3.There are net weight and gross weight two type scale, customers can flexibly choose according to the scene space, its output, material characteristics.

4.According to the customer's  bag specifications  diverse or single, material packing bag bagging rate is high or low, the material properties provide a variety of accessories selection.

5.Touch screen man-machine interface: the operation is convenient and intuitive, and the packing specifications can be adjusted at any time, and the working condition can be changed at any time.

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