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    Bag flat-shape machine

    Palletizing robot equipment mainly consists of inverted bag shaping machine,detecting and removing machine, grab buffer conveyor, pallet  library.Can automatically complete the down bags, shaping, eliminating, conveying, buffering, grabbing and pallet automatic supply output.


    1.According to the customer's packaging bag and the characteristics of the material there are a variety of models of bag-down machine, shaping machine, inverted bag shaping machine and eliminating machine for customers to choose.

    2.Strong applicability. When the customer's pallet dimensions changes just need a slight modification on the touch screen,will not affect customer's normal production.While mechanical palletizer changes considerable trouble even unachievable.

    3.Using SIEMENS brand PLC and touch screen man-machine interface,operation is convenient and intuitive. The parameters can be adjusted at any time, and the working state can be changed arbitrarily.

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