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    Jinbao is a professional enterprise specializing in designs and manufactures powder processing equipment and systems. 

    Our operation principles is "honesty, professional, innovation, win-win", continuous going on customer requirement with outstanding advisory in the field of powder , granule and bulk processes for their maximum benefit.

    Jinbao constantly improve our machine at any time.

    You can see different type of machine in our exhibition every year if you come to visit us. we provide our clients with innovative solutions as a result of consistent efforts of research & development based on our specialized powder processing technology. Research & development collect the information from our technicians feedback in our customer site and always improve our machine to do the best. It will give our customers a competitive edge.

    Jinbao development target

    We contribute widely to the society with our passion to become the No.1 company which develop/manufacture unique products in the field of discharging/feeding/ weighing/ bagging/palletizer for both small and big bag packaging line.

    Our mission

    1. We establish reliable quality management to verify client needs and deliver excellent quality products and services. as possible as we can offer. We keep our main to continually improve machine accuracy and running stability & safety.

    2. We deliver machinery controlling system which is suitable for the next generation. We have a team who has the ability to design the program and PID processing as customer requirement.

    3. We participate in reducing the labor but increased the output and quality by design automation and reliable solution for you. We strictly abide by related laws/regulations/requirements by ISO and GMP standard in corporate activities and conduct fair-minded payroll in the society.

    4.We educate our employees to make them ready to participate in activities in order to improve management of quality and supply best service for customer.

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