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      Jinbao the 2016 Shandong Mount Tai and Zhejiang Wuzhen Tour Release time:2016-7-7Browse volume:

      In order to enhance the construction of corporate culture, strengthen the team spirit and cohesion of employees, through the management meeting decided in June 24th and July 6th respectively, the organization of new and old employees travel for Shandong Mount Tai and Zhejiang Wuzhen.

      In the company leadership arrangement and leadership, we ride to the destination, a way of laughing, everyone relaxed, from all aspects can feel the company to take care of everyone welfare, heartfelt thanks to our company.

      Shandong Mount Tai

      Zhejiang Wuzhen

      Despite the hot weather, but you can see the satisfaction with the trip from every smile face.Thanks to the company to give us this opportunity, in the future work, we will strive to move forward, and strive to complete the production task, to create better results.

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