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      The confirmation of the customer requirements for the powder feeding quantity packaging system
      • *Weighing Range: Kg / bagQuantify precision: gram
      • * Packing speed: Packet / per hourWorking hours: Hour / day Day / year
      • Material name:
        Other / remarks:
      • Material shape:
      • Material temperature: Static timeOther: Other:
      • Material mobility: Other:
      • Material corrosion: Material requirements:
      • Explosive material:
      • Gas content of materials:
      • Material toxicity:
      • Electrostatic material:
      • density: kg/m³Material size size: mm (Diameter mm)
      • *Bulk specific gravity: t/m³Material fineness: (order)
      • Angle of repose:Moisture content: (Certain water absorption)
      • Material feeding mode: Other:
      • Working environment temperature and humidity: Other:
      • Working environment characteristics: Other:
      • The material properties after bagging: Other:
      • * Bagging method:

      Note: unusual materials must be provided with samples!

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